Blind Date

A play by Notis Paraskevopoulos

Theatrical season:

Summer 2013 [Opening: July 15, 2013]



Creative Team:

Director: Notis Paraskevopoulos
Set & Costumes: Notis Paraskevopoulos - Konstantina Maltezou
Music Supervisor: Notis Paraskevopoulos
Lighting: Thanos Asteriou
Photography: CP Marinakis Team (Giorgos Marinakis, Penelope
Teaser video: Giorgos Charisis (camera-editing)


Friends (men)

Ioannis Paplomatas
Notis Paraskevopoulos

Friends (women)

Konstantina Maltezou
Theodora Papaïoannou


Elias Zois
The performance was staged in collaboration with Sinartisi theater group.

About the play

The anxiety and mystery of the first date with a twist: people have met on the internet and the person who finally appears is not exactly what they have been dreaming of. 12 dates, 4 friends, 1 comedy.

Director’s Note

From love notes to e-mails and from dating to chatting, the traditional ways of communication tend to be replaced by a computer and the internet; it was just a matter of time for it to conquer every aspect of our daily life. The internet, in particular, apart from everything else, has also become an immense dating agency. More and more people use it to look for the "ideal" companion believing that in front of the other screen may stand their next partner. Natural evolution of things? A sign of the times? In any case, Eros as we all knew him with a bow and arrows is now holding a mouse and a keyboard.

In these troubled times, we choose to point out a different crisis, that of online dating. Everyday stories of simple dates between seemingly matching people, turn into modern Babels when reality strikes. The common starting point of these potential relationships is hope with a touch of romanticism, as they all begin like traditional blind dates.
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