Pericles’ Death

A play by Dimitrios Koromilas

Theatrical Season:

2012-2013 [Opening: November 15, 2012]


New Hellenic Theater of Giorgos Armenis

Creative Team:

Director: Notis Paraskevopoulos
Set & Costumes: seveneleven theater company
Music Supervisor: Notis Paraskevopoulos
Lighting: Konstantinos Moutaftsis
Photography: Pavlos Filippou, Iakovos Avdoulos
Teaser video: Piedro Radin (director-editor), Antonis Tolakis (camera), Evi Stamou (assistant director)


Ioannis Arvanitopoulos Notis Paraskevopoulos
Maria, his wife Konstantina Maltezou
Eleni, their daughter Lina Moumtzi
Christos Voglas, Eleni’s fiancé Giannis Douratsos
Asimina Kanellatou, Maria’s sister Chrysa Vakali
Sofia, maid Elina Giannaki
Ilias, servant Giorgos Kontogiannis
The performance was staged within the framework of the 1st Youth Festival 2012-2013.

About the play

A trivial argument is the excuse for a hilarious fight between a man and his future father-in-law. Ioannis Arvanitopoulos is going to marry his daughter to Christos when a typical modern Greek fight over nothing ruins everything. Has the death of ancient Pericles benefited or harmed the Athenian democracy? Son-in-law and father-in-law start a never-ending quarrel, without actually being interested in the subject but only aiming at imposing their opinion.

Director’s Note

We chose to participate in the festival with an ethography, based on the belief that the past must guide the present and the future, especially during the absurd times we live in. The theatre plays of the past, apart from their aesthetic value, have also a great historical one, as they eloquently depict aspects and forms of the life of our people and our country. More particularly, “Pericles’ Death” criticizes a typical aspect of the Greek character: quarreling for no good reason; it is this stubbornness and fanaticism on insignificant issues that has been characterizing our people to date.*

* Source: G. Sideris
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