Public Speaking

“The distance from hesitation to self-confidence may seem long for some, but it may actually be short for everyone”

Public Speaking education can help you enhance your social confidence through the world of theater and improvisation.


Everyday life is a constant, two-way communication between the individual “I” and the social “we”. The goal of these meetings is, first of all, to evaluate the weaknesses that lead to the public speaking anxiety in order to strengthen your confidence by learning and controlling your means of expression. Through a method that involves the theatrical act, you get in touch with your exposed self and you work on the elements that make your personality unique and powerful. Based on communication, humor and – above all – your needs, every meeting enhances the communication tools you already possess, while it cultivates your positive thinking in order to acquire new skills and protect yourself from the fear of taking initiatives.

Video-conference sessions are also available.

You may need it if you work as a:

  • Primary or High School teacher
  • Professor
  • Journalist
  • Lawyer
  • Politician
  • TV host
  • Spokesperson
  • Press representative
  • Salesman / saleswoman
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Life coach

Specialized services:

  • Speech and presentation improvement
  • Presentation/exposure anxiety management
  • Presentation on video conference


  • It boosts self-confidence
  • It encourages initiative
  • It overcomes the fear of exposure
  • It improves communication skills
  • It strengthens interpersonal relationships
  • It empowers one’s presence in the workplace
  • It boosts professional career
  • It promotes the feelings of trust and self-esteem
  • It recovers the feeling of optimism
  • It leads to a better image and perception of ourselves

For more information please call us on +30 211 111 3642.

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