The Circle of Love (original title: La Ronde)

A play by Arthur Schnitzler
translated by Notis Paraskevopoulos

Theatrical Season:

2014-2015 [Opening: November 8, 2014]


Alkmini Theater

Creative Team:

Director: Notis Paraskevopoulos
Movement: Yiannis Polyzos
Set design: Notis Paraskevopoulos
Music Supervisor: Notis Paraskevopoulos
Costumes: Konstantina Maltezou
Set Construction: Gerasimos Maltezos
Photography - Teaser video: Giorgos Charisis
Visual Communication: Nikos Gazetas


The Maid / The Sweet Girl Elina Giannaki
The Prostitute / The Married Lady / The Actress Konstantina Maltezou
The Soldier / The Husband / The Count Giannis Monastiropoulos
The Young Man / The Author Notis Paraskevopoulos

About the play

Ten couples in Vienna indulge in sexual encounters, breaking the limits imposed by social status, wealth, and marital loyalty. Dealing with psychology, sex and relationships, in a humorous way, Arthur Schnitzler's Circle of Love outlines an entire society, daring to gain key insight into the psychology of relationships and human sexuality.

Director’s Note

Written in 1897 by the Austrian writer and psychiatrist Arthur Schnitzler, the play was considered as pornographic and was immediately banned wherever it was staged. The reactions were so extreme, that in 1921, the director, actors and managers of the theaters where it was performed were brought to trial for threatening law and order. Schnitzler received death threats and for as long as he lived he refused to grant the rights of his work, which was not staged for 60 years. When the Nazis rose to power, in 1933, they burnt all the copies of the play they could find, as they considered him a degenerate Jewish pornographer. Today, The Circle of Love, over a century old, has succeeded after many difficulties in establishing itself as a work of classical repertoire. As for the rest of Schnitzler's works, despite referring to a certain period, they have survived and have been chosen by famous theater and cinema directors, such as Tom Stoppard (Distant Country) and Stanley Kubrick (Eyes Wide Shut).

Introducing a new translation, the production run with the official support of the Embassy of Austria.
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