The Game of Love and Chance

A play by Marivaux
translated by Notis Paraskevopoulos

Theatrical Season:

2013-2014 [Opening: February 15, 2014]


Alkmini Theater

Creative Team:

Director: Notis Paraskevopoulos
Set & Costumes: Notis Paraskevopoulos - Konstantina Maltezou
Music Supervisor: Notis Paraskevopoulos
Photography - Teaser video: Giorgos Charisis
Visual Communication: Nikos Gazetas


Lisette / Mario / Narrator Elina Giannaki
Silvia Konstantina Maltezou
Arlequin / Monsieur Orgon / Narrator Notis Paraskevopoulos
Dorante / A Servant (Voice) Thodoris Toubanos

About the play

The beautiful young Sylvia wishes to learn more about the young man her father has chosen as her husband, and when she learns that he is coming to meet her she decides to change places with her maid. But she doesn’t know that young Dorante has done the same. This disguise-game leads to emotional confusion and reveals a struggle between classes. But as it turns out, the heart always follows its own path.

Director’s Note

The Game of Love and Chance was written by one of the greatest French playwrights, Marivaux, whose comedies are the most played at the French Theater - after those of Molière. It is a fast and rhythmic text full of long-lasting elements that resist time. More than 280 years after its first staging, this play, which deals among other issues with love, class discrimination and the role of the two sexes in marriage, remains timeless and still moves the modern audience.
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